Project Manager | Lead Designer
LDA Design Group

Bentonville, Arkansas
November 2019

Integrated into Bentonville’s extensive hike & bike trails sits an eclectic 1.8 acre open-air entertainment & restaurant park near Walmart’s Corporate Offices. Each container houses local turn-key quick service restaurants and cocktail bars radiating from the amphitheater.

The amphitheater's center stage culminates in a massive shipping container sculpture creating a powerful sense of place.

Re-using shipping containers provide a modular approach to turn key retail and food vendors.

Charcoal shipping containers nestle into the landscape with pops of artwork that epitomize the exploration of art and culture Bentonville embodies as a city.

theWETLANDS-BirdsEye_Concept Sketches 001
theWETLANDS-BirdsEye_Concept Sketch 002

The Shoppes at Carlsbad

Job Captain
LDA design group
Carlsbad, California

The Shoppes at Carlsbad was once a murky five-hundred thousand square foot mall with no exterior presence. We turned the building inside out and removed a portion of the upper level to transform the back of house facades into a vibrant Restaurant Row, greeting visitors as they approach. The introduction of casually elegant entry plazas brought the north coast modern vibe back to this split level destination. Double height mall entries invite the community into fresh interiors that give off its lush outdoor coastal vibe.

Gizmodo Gallery

Partner, Project Manager, Designer, Builder
Upcycle Design
Manhattan, NY

The Gizmodo Gallery was organized and developed around the idea of modularity. The MOD method is a design-build organizational system developed to maximize the use of material and space. The furniture and display cases were constructed using only two materials: 4’x8’ sheets of domestic maple plywood and 5/8” steel bars. By offsetting a grid on the plywood, we maximized the use of the material by using every piece stemming from the grid. These pieces create a pixilated gadget wall of display cases and a series of MOD furniture varying from DJ booths, small Lego bins and Gizmodo Crew desks. Upcycle Design has the ambition and goal to use material to its full potential. The MOD design is adaptable and adjustable, perfect for a gallery displaying small, medium, and large abstract pieces.

The concept was to bring the art gallery feel to the Gizmodo Gallery.

The Gizmodo Gadget wall was developed as a pixelated grid of gadgets lit up by LEDs seen from the exterior of the space.

The method of maximizing the use of material using a modular grid allows for several manipulation to create a diverse set of furniture types.

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Job Captain
Cleanroom Inc.
Brooklyn, Ny
June 2011

Used materials get second life in ATRIUM Brooklyn. Bringing a sustainable edge to the space are recycled and reused materials sourced locally. Pallet wood was recycled into wall and fixture panels. Steel display fixtures from a Brooklyn union factory that closed eight years ago add an industrial vibe that’s reinforced by warehouse-style pendant lighting retrofitted with LEDs. The result is organized merchandising in a dark, contemporary space contrasting the fast-paced bustle of Flatbush Avenue.

Steel foundries, recycled pallets, and and old factory windows inspired us throughout the design process. Mixing a clean aesthetic with old recycled materials creates a dark rustic atmosphere with a modern vibe.



Within ATRIUM, a separated shoe store was developed as a long and narrow space. This gave us the opportunity to really overemphasize the perspective. We wrapped the recycled wood plank from floor to ceiling and placed rows of thin steel shelving to elongate the space.

Nomads . Driving . Architecture

Bachelors of Architecture Degree Project
Woodbury University
Quartzsite, Arizona

Nomadic Culture Driving Architectural Discourse

Current trends in future generations of a mobile architecture call for an integration of urbanistic qualities with an advancement in technology while maintaining luxury to enhance a current and future mobile existence. The Instant Urban Vehicle (I.U.V.) has the capability to fit into many diverse environments. The I.U.V. meets the spacious, luxurious, and flexible demands of the ever increasing nomadic lifestyle while incorporating the evolving culture of consumer existence.


The Culture

A current phenomenon in contemporary culture is the diminishing connection to place. This is caused by individuals in society seeking a life of continuous nomadism. Continuous nomadism shows us the possibility of urban life without the dependence of static structures as a basis for living. Today one in twelve U.S. vehicle-owning households own at least one Recreational Vehicle (RV)—a 58 percent rise since 1980. Among all U.S. households, nearly one quarter intend to purchase an RV, creating a transformed society that will establish their own definitions for a nomadic culture. A continual transformation in this nomadic existence is apparent in Quartzsite, AZ; one destination in a global network of instant urbanism created by millions of architectural vehicles. People from all over the continent visit this area in search for the consumer culture that entices the lifestyle of today’s nomadic customs.


The Architecture

Concepts of the contemporary nomad are redefining architecture. With RV parked next to RV an incredibly dense environment emerges, one that mimics the forms of the traditional metropolis and can become much denser than many cities of a built environment. Urbanism is created as individuals pick their spot and set up their temporary live/work recreational facilities; each buying, selling, sharing or just living within their space. The RV and its complimentary tent structures become the architecture. The RV provides housing and the tents and trailers provide the work facilities.

The I.U.V. integrates the opportunity for mixed-use program within each individual unit which provides the aggregate for instant urbanism. Each individual unit expands to create an enclosed exterior space and lofted interior space that gives the owner opportunity to interact with the exterior context whether in a dense urban environment or a wide open landscape. When the I.U.V. interacts with another in a dense environment, they produce larger more complex urban structures. The I.U.V. uses future industrial design strategies from General Motors for power and control of the vehicle.

Greater structural integrity is produced with an architectural unibody that uses lightweight materials uncommon in today’s society. The I.U.V. produces its own energy using Photovoltaic Film and Wind Turbines to power the domestic unit. Because each I.U.V. produces its own energy, every unit can subscribe to common goals of the larger urban environment by giving its excess energy to a network grid that can be sold to other units who use or need energy. This creates a temporary city which enables a population free of any power grid. The I.U.V. is architecture that represents a conceptualization of domestic space not normally explored by architects.

The Nomads

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living lindsey
extreme eddie


Designer, Job Captain
Scale 1-1
Los Angeles, CA

BOLLA is a combination of geometry and physics creating both a storage system and a room divider. The clever and innovative form of BOLLA is playful and adaptable to a broad range of uses in home, office, retail, and display environments.

This unique alternative to traditional shelving was designed to pack flat for shipping, and be assembled in minutes. BOLLA’s inner shelving panels coil in and pop in place creating a natural compressive force holding the structural panels upright without a single tool.


BOLLAcore is a colorful and stackable task stool, perfect for informal meetings in creative team environments.
The stool takes the scraps from the BOLLA shelving process and attaches powder coated steel legs to create a very durable stacking stool. Like many of the Scale1:1 furniture, it ships flat and assembles in minutes with no special tools.

BOLLAclock is bright and deceptively simple. They're a great way to get your work done on-time with a smile. Like the stools the clock are fabricated from the scraps of the BOLLA shelving process.


Chilli Beans

Lead Designer
LDA design Group
Santa Monica, California
lda-chilli bean santa monica-02
lda-chilli bean santa monica-01

The Third Street Promenade benefits from the energy and bold vision of Chilli Beans. The bright colors provide welcome interest to enliven the otherwise muted parade of storefronts that surround it. Chilli Beans has character in many wonderful ways that thrive in the Third Street environment: welcoming, creative, quirky and inclusive. Chilli Beans invests in a flagship quality store that reflects Santa Monica commitment to playful, inspiring, yet accessible design.

We were able to convince the strict Design Board of Santa Monica, CA to allow a bright, bold and innovative storefront design within a typically mundane criteria by developing a simple modular framework to achieve the aesthetic of a random pixelated gradient storefront.


Designer, Job Captain
Scale 1-1
Los Angeles, CA

SUPERNOVA is an inflatable LED light that produces a soft ambient glow that both calms and energizes a space. Clean minimal design, with colorful programmable lighting sequences. It’s huggable, it’s colorful, it’s your friend.

The SUPERNOVA, the huggable light, works with simple pneumatic pressure, just inflate with an air pump and plug it in.

I was an integral part of the research, design, and prototyping to bring this furniture product to the market. The once custom designed piece of furniture was modified to be detailed & manufactured for mass production and used in many trade shows and special events.

International Motorcycle Shows

Job Captain, Lead Designer
Cleanroom, Inc.
Multiple U.S. City Trade Show Tour

The International Motorcycle Shows (IMS) is the largest motorcycle trade event in the industry touring 12 cities in the United States within a 4 month span. As a designer for Cleanroom Inc, we re-evaluated the IMS brand architecture and marketing campaign. A new approach was introduced to incorporate all aspects of the show experience from the national ad campaign to the exhibition architecture and furniture. A groundbreaking architectural system was developed that reduces show set up time, while adding a progressive aesthetic. The initial concept of speed and movement is experienced right away by continuous linear elements allowing the viewer to feel like they are moving through the event at higher speeds.


Designer, Job Captain
Scale 1-1
Los Angeles, California

The Finger Couch collection is about simplicity in design, art and life. Inspired by the fast rhythm of people while walking, working, living and the necessity of resting.

The asymmetric configuration of each FINGER creates a contemporary lounge environment. The Finger Couch line fits perfectly in public spaces, events, exhibitions, lounges, art galleries and waiting zones. Modular interlocking fingers fit together in modern arrangement of class and style.