Nomads . Driving . Architecture

Nomadic Culture Driving Architectural Discourse

Current trends in future generations of a mobile architecture call for an integration of urbanistic qualities with an advancement in technology while maintaining luxury to enhance a current and future mobile existence. The Instant Urban Vehicle (I.U.V.) has the capability to fit into many diverse environments. The I.U.V. meets the spacious, luxurious, and flexible demands of the ever increasing nomadic lifestyle while incorporating the evolving culture of consumer existence.

The Culture

A current phenomenon in contemporary culture is the diminishing connection to place. This is caused by individuals in society seeking a life of continuous nomadism. Continuous nomadism shows us the possibility of urban life without the dependence of static structures as a basis for living. Today one in twelve U.S. vehicle-owning households own at least one Recreational Vehicle (RV)—a 58 percent rise since 1980. Among all U.S. households, nearly one quarter intend to purchase an RV, creating a transformed society that will establish their own definitions for a nomadic culture. A continual transformation in this nomadic existence is apparent in Quartzsite, AZ; one destination in a global network of instant urbanism created by millions of architectural vehicles. People from all over the continent visit this area in search for the consumer culture that entices the lifestyle of today’s nomadic customs.