Designer, Job Captain
Scale 1-1
Los Angeles, CA

BOLLA is a combination of geometry and physics creating both a storage system and a room divider. The clever and innovative form of BOLLA is playful and adaptable to a broad range of uses in home, office, retail, and display environments.

This unique alternative to traditional shelving was designed to pack flat for shipping, and be assembled in minutes. BOLLA’s inner shelving panels coil in and pop in place creating a natural compressive force holding the structural panels upright without a single tool.


BOLLAcore is a colorful and stackable task stool, perfect for informal meetings in creative team environments.
The stool takes the scraps from the BOLLA shelving process and attaches powder coated steel legs to create a very durable stacking stool. Like many of the Scale1:1 furniture, it ships flat and assembles in minutes with no special tools.

BOLLAclock is bright and deceptively simple. They're a great way to get your work done on-time with a smile. Like the stools the clock are fabricated from the scraps of the BOLLA shelving process.