Thanks for stoppin’ by.
This site is dedicated to documenting my evolution as a creative... and to provide evidence of the process.
I am Sean Harris; a creative mind that will continuously strive for design excellence in whatever I get my hands on.

Sean Harris color mirror

I have a Bachelors of Architecture with a minor in Graphic Design from Woodbury University. As a student, I experimented in everything from Architecture and Urban Planning to packaging and motion graphics. I had the opportunity to enrich my studies abroad in Peru, Berlin, Rome, Nanjing, and Beijing. As a professional I have worked for small and large architecture firms doing just about everything within the architectural process. I have also had the opportunity to take a furniture design start-up company from concept to mass production, doing everything from R+D to marketing and production.

My experiences have allowed me to be extremely versatile in everything I do. I dabble in many industries and have an appetite for every aspect of design. I have the talent, and technical skill to transform any idea into a reality. I have the ability to create, innovate and strengthen projects in any industry.

Take a look at what I’ve done, and let me know what ya think.


I don't play around on social media too much, but connect with me if you want to collaborate.