Job Captain
Cleanroom Inc.
Brooklyn, Ny
June 2011

Used materials get second life in ATRIUM Brooklyn. Bringing a sustainable edge to the space are recycled and reused materials sourced locally. Pallet wood was recycled into wall and fixture panels. Steel display fixtures from a Brooklyn union factory that closed eight years ago add an industrial vibe that’s reinforced by warehouse-style pendant lighting retrofitted with LEDs. The result is organized merchandising in a dark, contemporary space contrasting the fast-paced bustle of Flatbush Avenue.

Steel foundries, recycled pallets, and and old factory windows inspired us throughout the design process. Mixing a clean aesthetic with old recycled materials creates a dark rustic atmosphere with a modern vibe.



Within ATRIUM, a separated shoe store was developed as a long and narrow space. This gave us the opportunity to really overemphasize the perspective. We wrapped the recycled wood plank from floor to ceiling and placed rows of thin steel shelving to elongate the space.