Gizmodo Gallery

Partner, Project Manager, Designer, Builder
Upcycle Design
Manhattan, NY

The Gizmodo Gallery was organized and developed around the idea of modularity. The MOD method is a design-build organizational system developed to maximize the use of material and space. The furniture and display cases were constructed using only two materials: 4’x8’ sheets of domestic maple plywood and 5/8” steel bars. By offsetting a grid on the plywood, we maximized the use of the material by using every piece stemming from the grid. These pieces create a pixilated gadget wall of display cases and a series of MOD furniture varying from DJ booths, small Lego bins and Gizmodo Crew desks. Upcycle Design has the ambition and goal to use material to its full potential. The MOD design is adaptable and adjustable, perfect for a gallery displaying small, medium, and large abstract pieces.

The concept was to bring the art gallery feel to the Gizmodo Gallery.

The Gizmodo Gadget wall was developed as a pixelated grid of gadgets lit up by LEDs seen from the exterior of the space.

The method of maximizing the use of material using a modular grid allows for several manipulation to create a diverse set of furniture types.

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