Project Manager | Lead Designer
LDA Design Group

Bentonville, Arkansas
November 2019

Integrated into Bentonville’s extensive hike & bike trails sits an eclectic 1.8 acre open-air entertainment & restaurant park near Walmart’s Corporate Offices. Each container houses local turn-key quick service restaurants and cocktail bars radiating from the amphitheater.

The amphitheater's center stage culminates in a massive shipping container sculpture creating a powerful sense of place.

Re-using shipping containers provide a modular approach to turn key retail and food vendors.

Charcoal shipping containers nestle into the landscape with pops of artwork that epitomize the exploration of art and culture Bentonville embodies as a city.

theWETLANDS-BirdsEye_Concept Sketches 001
theWETLANDS-BirdsEye_Concept Sketch 002